Four Days Before Trial in San Jose, Springel & Fink Trial Attorney Darren Ebner is Retained to Act as Lead Trial Counsel in $1.7 Million Construction Defect Lawsuit

Four day before trial began in San Jose, Springel & Fink trial attorney Darren Ebner was retained to take over as lead trial counsel in a $1.7 million construction defect case involving a litany of alleged defects and exposure for improper contractor’s licensing. Only two defendants were named in the lawsuit and each would be jointly and severally liable for any verdict. Shortly after the month-long trial began, Springel & Fink’s client reached a $300,000 settlement after extensive negotiations. The Court granted the settlement as being in good faith on an ex-parte basis, thereby eliminating any significant exposure to Springel & Fink’s client. The co-defendant completed the 30-day trial and was hit with a $1.4 million jury verdict.