Springel & Fink Trial Attorneys Adam Springel and Darren Ebner Obtain Unanimous Verdict of Less than $5,000 in $16 Million Multi-Level Lumbar Disc Replacement Lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court

Less than one-month before trial in downtown Los Angeles, Springel & Fink trial attorneys Adam Springel and Darren Ebner were retained to take over the defense of an individual who admitted liability for rear-ending Plaintiff’s car while it was at a full stop at a red light. Plaintiff was a...

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Springel & Fink Trial Attorney Adam Springel Prevails with Unanimous Jury Verdict After Month-Long Construction Defect Jury Trial for National Homebuilder; Later Obtains $869,000 Judgment Reimbursing the Homebuilder’s Attorney’s Fees by Beating Pre-Trial Offers of Judgment; Entire Case Upheld on Appeal by the Nevada Supreme Court

Plaintiffs sued a national homebuilder for construction defects in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. The lawsuit involved a North Las Vegas residential project with an extensive list of claimed defects. The homeowners’ primary claim alleged that untreated expansive soils caused the...

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Springel & Fink Trial Attorney Adam Springel Obtains $101,700 Binding Arbitration Award Against Client Claimed to be Responsible for $18 Million in Construction Defects and Underfunded Association Reserves

Homeowners association claims $18 million in damages ($12 million for construction defects and $6 million for underfunded association reserves) during binding arbitration against condominium converter. After successfully compelling the case into binding arbitration, trial attorney Adam Springel...

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