Springel & Fink Trial Attorneys Adam Springel and Darren Ebner Obtain Unanimous Verdict of Less than $5,000 in $16 Million Multi-Level Lumbar Disc Replacement Lawsuit in Los Angeles County

Less than one-month before trial in downtown Los Angeles, Springel & Fink trial attorneys Adam Springel and Darren Ebner were retained to take over the defense of an individual who admitted liability for rear-ending Plaintiff’s car while it was at a full stop at a red light. Plaintiff was a women in her mid-20s who worked as an emergency medical technician. Prior to trial, Plaintiff had surgery to replace two of her lumbar discs (L4-S1) after suffering significant post-accident neuropathy and bulging lumbar discs. The case went to trial where Plaintiff claimed over $16 million in damages resulting solely from the accident.

Adam Springel and Darren Ebner presented the jury with extensive physical and documentary evidence using the latest trial technology in their effort to prove Plaintiff only suffered minor injuries in the accident and that nearly all of the injuries for which she was seeking compensation were self-inflicted because Plaintiff failed to take her post-accident discharge and recovery instructions seriously, which exacerbated her minor injuries from the car accident into major low-back disc injuries. Thus, if Plaintiff actually needed disc replacement surgery, it was solely caused by her own carelessness and rush to return to work where she performed extensive physical activities daily.

After a 2-week trial, the 12-person jury deliberated for less than a half-day before unanimously awarding Plaintiff less than $5,000, the cost of her initial physical therapy bills.

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